Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stolen goods....

I had to post some cute pictures that I have stolen from friend's blogs...

This is my very favorite picture of Julia blowing out her candles at her birthday party. I love seeing her so happy surrounded by friends! Thank you Tara, for capturing this moment!

We celebrated Yazuki's 2nd birthday at Pump it Up. Apparently, there was an electrical fire in the bathroom and they whole place had to be shut down for an hour before we could go in. Just made it more fun and gave us some time to hang out in the car! Here's Maggie and Julia anxiously waiting to go in!

Julia being a ham at the party.

Love this picture of Sam! Looking good in the shades!

Here's the birthday girl! They had so much fun playing and running inside Pump it up! Julia played it safe and hung out in the bouncie and playhouse. She wasn't much into the big slides.

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