Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheers to 2011!

John's birthday was New Year's Day, but we had to celebrate a day late because New Year's Eve weekend is such a busy time for rock stars. Julia had a big plan for when John walked in the house. We were both to hide under the table and jump out and scream, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Julia waited under the table very patiently (for about 20 minutes) while he unloaded his equipment, talked to a guy that was outside hunting and FINALLY, made his entrance! Julia and I baked him a strawberry cake and she could hardly wait to share it with him.
I think the days of us being able to blow out our own birthday candles are over around here!
Julia likes to steal our thunder.
Emmy got Julia a rock painting kit for Christmas and she has spent many hours sitting at the table painting rocks. Good thing there is no shortage of rocks around here!

Julia has some "friends" that she likes to drag around with her everywhere she goes. She has very in-depth conversations with them and likes to tell them what to do. Here's Slinky Dog and Rudolph hanging out at the table with her.

Here's old Slinky Dog again....hanging out at bath time. He has a band-aid on his head due to an injury that happened earlier this week. I think it involved him falling out of the bed.

Dr. Julia's in the house. She says, "Mommy, I need to check you up." I think she means give you a check-up. And how about that black tutu to finish off the doctor's outfit??!
Counting Daddy's teeth
The snow started Sunday night and Julia had to go outside and check it out.
The first thing that she did was try a bite.
Monday was a snow day for me because you know these country hills can be treacherous! We stayed outside for a LONG time and had a blast. I was thinking that before Julia, we would sit inside and think about how pretty the snow was. And know, we actually EXPERIENCE the snow which is much more fun. Here she is making her first snow angel.
She ate a lot of snow. I have no idea why???
Snow ice cream!
And here is a shot of our living room floor after a snow day!

Julia wrote these numbers all by herself!
And the best news of the weekend.........

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jane bonady watson said...

Awesome pictures, Joy...I miss you all! Julia, I have a present for you...hurry and let's get together so I can give it to you!

Love, Aunt Jane