Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pre Halloween and Halloween

Julia and I started off our Halloween festivities by making homemade sugar cookies. I don't think we would have won any awards for our finished products, but the process was a lot fun!
We celebrated our friend Maggie Neller's second birthday at Village Creek State Park. The weather was perfect and the kids loved playing at the playground. Here are the two little bees that showed up at the party. The little bee to the left is Yazuki and she is in Julia's wee school class!
Happy Birthday sweet girl! Of course, Julia is always going to sit close to the cake!
Then, we did a little trick or treating. I think I said, "Last one!" on the candy about ten times in one day.

Then we headed out to Matt and Julie's house for some fall fun. Julia cooked delicious soup and we hung out in the backyard by the fire. They have an awesome backyard with a treehouse, trampoline and picnic table. Julia LOVED playing there and hasn't stopped talking about it! We ended our night at Milena's house where Julia was so tired that she sat in my lap with her blanket by the fire. The bigger kids went on a country, SCARY hayride and when it was over, a couple of the kids came running and hysterically crying to their moms! I think the Daddy's dressed up in costumes in jumped out of the woods at random places. I'm kind of glad Julia was too tired to go because I am a big ole chicken myself and am sure that neither of us would have slept very good in our country house afterwards!
One TIRED little bee after all of the pre-Halloween festivities! I think she would have slept on the kitchen floor if I would have let her.

Halloween night, John, Julia and I headed to the Memphis zoo for Zoo Boo. We all loved it and hope to make it an annual event.

Julia and I riding the train at the zoo.

Julia's favorite station was the singing pumpkins. She sat here and stared at them for as long as we would let her. They lit up and sang songs. She was very impressed.

Riding rides!

It surprises me that Julia is not really scared of dressed up animals. She went right up to this guy and gave him a high five and a big hug!

We left with 10 pounds of candy and lots of good memories! Happy Halloween!