Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a blast this year. We had three lit up pumpkins in the house that we had to turn on as soon as we walked in the door or woke up. It was a little earth shattering when I finally had to put the pumpkins up until next year. Does anybody know where I can find a light up turkey?
The festivities started with a Halloween party at Miss Melinda's Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, that was not the best experience of Julia's life because I took her and John met us there. I kept trying to explain to her that we were only going to Miss Melinda's to enjoy a Halloween party and not for me to leave her. She cried and clung to me the entire time we were there, oh yeah, that is until we put her down at the table in front of her cupcake and cookie! The leaving her at the sitters has not gotten much easier for any of us.
Her favorite part of the party was the spider ring that was on top of the cupcake!
Halloween Day, Mom, Julia and I headed to Memphis to go to Emmy's Halloween carnival. We had a great time. And here's....Tinkerbell!
Notice the Halloween bag on her arm that accompanied her everywhere for a few days. Not because it was so cute, but because there were five lollipops in it that kept her interest.
Tinkerbell plays soccer....
Tinkerbell was all fine and good for a while, but then it was time to get comfy. She LOVES this sand table at Emmy's house. Our car looked like we had been to the beach when we got home...full of sand.

Then we went trick or treating at Jee Jee and Pappaws. Julia walked in the front door, sat in her Elmo chair and said, "Wanna watch Elmo." I think she forgot that she was there to trick or treat and not hang out....

Then we went trick or treating at Kristen and Nicoles. They were decked out for Halloween and had the scary fog machine going at the front door. This is Julia helping Nicole hand out candy.
Check out this scary table!

Last, we headed to Neall and Becca's house. We had a great time. Julia feels right at home there and jumps right into all the fun. It usually takes her a while to warm up to everyone, but not there!

Why is she having not one, but two cupcakes you ask? Because Becca said she could!

There was some role reversal costume changing going on as it got later. Here is Sol sporting Julia's Tinkerbell wings!

That night, Julia laid in bed and played with this light up toy that Kristen and Nicole gave her for what seemed like hours. John took about a hundred psychedelic pictures of the light show that I will spare you of. It was a great day and I thought many times throughout the day about how grateful I am to have my sweet Julia. She makes all the holidays so much more fun!

Sunday, John, Julia and I hung out at the John Hayden Smith park. She is getting so big that we can actually sit in the swings and just let her go on the playground. Until now, we always had to hold her hand and help her get around.

She loves the slide!

Heading home with baby, blankie and those two fingers....her basic necessities in life!