Monday, August 17, 2009

Rocks camera is officially out of commission and has been sent off. I am missing all kinds of cuteness around here and hear that I will be without it for at least 4-6 weeks. Thought I would tell you about the pictures that you would be seeing here if things were right.

1. Rocks everywhere!
Julia picks up a hand full of rocks every time she goes outside and brings them in. They are everywhere....under her bed, in her bed, in the kitchen, in the trunks of her toy cars, etc. And, they HURT when you step on them barefooted!

2. Julia dancing!
This girl loves some tunes. She dances like a wild woman and goes around and around! Three days ago, she was so wound up that she got dizzy and fell into an ottoman in her room. Within one minute of falling, the imprint of the ottoman fabric showed up on her forehead. The next day, a huge bruise showed up under the fabric imprint. Her little legs always look beat up....with mosquito bites, bruises, little scrapes, etc. I guess that's a good sign in that she is very curious and likes to explore....sometimes to her own detriment.

3. Julia "ordering drinks at Sonic"
I guess Julia has seen me order drinks at Sonic so many times that she has started "ordering" her own out of her Cozy Coupe car. She lifts her head through the front window and says, "Yes, I need a small coke and ice." Plain as day! She even sticks her head out from the deck railing and "orders." This girl keeps us rolling!

4. Julia reading big girl books
I have been so proud of Julia crawling into my lap and asking me to read to her. I have been reading stories out of a Sesame Street book lately. The pages are full of words and it takes a long time to read each page. She will sit through an entire story and not move. She even asks me to read her the book that I am reading. Pretty amazing since there are no pictures to even look at! Speaking of books, my book club just finished, The Help, which was great. It's been a long time since I have read a book that was hard to put down.

John has been playing music on the weekends, so Julia and I have had lots of girl time. We love our time together, but Julia is happies when the three of us are together and paying a lot of attention to her. We were eating dinner last night and she looked at John and asked, "You happy?" He said yes and I continued on by telling her that we were happier than we have ever been. Julia sure makes life sweet around here!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grillin and Chillin

The happiest news this week was the arrival of sweet Rose Ryan Jackson! Sol now has a precious baby sister. I got to hold her last week and I forgot how tiny newborns really are and even better, how soft and cuddly they are. I could have held this little cuddle bug all night!

Back at home, our big girl has been busy grilling us some chicken every night on the grill that her grandparents got for her. She is talking in sentences and soaks up several new phrases every day. Last week it was, "Oh my gosh," "Oh my," and "Who knew?" Her new favorite song is "C is for Cookie." She screams with excitement when it comes on and as soon as its over she says, "Sing Cookie again? Okay Julwa!" She answers all of her questions to us with "OK Julwa" meaning that we are supposed to say yes. "Eat some chips? OK Julwa!" "Want wash hands? OK Julwa!"
Oh, she keeps us laughing and John and I usually end every day by telling each other funny Julia stories. What did we ever do without her?

She had a blast swimming this weekend! She was so brave and laughed out loud most of the time she was in the water. She loved playing Motorboat and would even jump off the side into my arms.

She even stuck her face in the water and would try to blow bubbles.

The sidewalk chalk and body art was almost as fun as being in the water.
My birthday was yesterday and I thanked John this morning for helping to give me the best birthday ever. First, my favorite meal of grilled salmon, fresh asparagus, and a sweet potato. Then, a very sweet note left of my desk and a sweet birthday card. Last, a great and relaxing night at home with my bestest peeps...John and Julia. John laughed at me when I thanked him and said that five years ago, I wouldn't have called staying at home doing nothing my best birthday. It's all about simple abundance these days.