Thursday, May 20, 2010

Julia-isms at almost 2 and a half!

Julia's first pigtails! She doesn't like me to mess with her hair much, but she was pretty amused when she saw herself in the mirror. She has the perfect hair for pigtails because you can twist the pigtail one time and this perfect little ringlet curl stays in place.

Another view

This was the first time she realized that she could actually get out of her bed at nap time and find things to play with in her room. We are amazed that she has just now figured it out since she has been in her bed since December! We walked in after nap and found her piggy bank by her head.

Then, under the covers.....all this money. We both thought she was talking more than normal when we left her to go to sleep. No wonder.
Funny things that Julia said this week:
"What would you like for supper tonight Julia?" Her reply, "squid!"

Her stomach was growling and she said, "My tummy's burping!"

"I hear the train Mommy. The train is by the library, actually."

"I'm getting busy!" What she says instead of dizzy.
She has started singing songs that she knows and putting in her own funny words. For example, one of her favorite songs right now is Twist and Shout. So at dinner time, she started singing, "Twist and chips. Come on, come on, come on chip now. Come on and dip a little closer now. And let me know that you mine."
This girl keeps us rolling. You never know what she is going to say.

She goes way out of her way to wade through a mud puddle.
We took her to Village Creek thinking that she would want to hang out at the playground and play. Fortunately, we came prepared with her swimsuit because once she saw this muddy lake, it was all over.


Whats a trip to the lake without a Popsicle?

Friday, May 14, 2010

NYC 2010

I got to go on a girl's trip to NYC this Mother's Day. We left Memphis Wednesday and came home Mother's Day Sunday. I went with a friend, Leann, and another of her college friends Tiffany that I met for the first time at the airport! It was NYC like I have never experienced it. They made me venture out and see and do things that I have never done before. Some of my new favorites were the audio tour to the top of the Empire State Building, wandering through Soho, hanging out at Chelsea market (a very fun area of the city!) where they tape the Food Network, and the Museum of Modern Art....amazing and I can't stop thinking about it! Other highlights of the trip were seeing Billy Elliot on Broadway (an UNFORGETTABLE performance), hanging out with the cousin Scottie and her husband Jason that live in NYC (I loved every minute of being with them!), and shopping till we drop then having long lunches in outdoor Italian restaurants where they make the world's best pizza.
Sorry for the tiny pictures....I didn't even bring my own camera and took these from Tiffany's Facebook page. Here is Scottie, Tiffany and I at the Donut Plant, a tiny little hole in the wall place that makes the most delicious doughnuts. I had a coconut creme pie one, fresh out of the oven.

Leann, Tiffany, and I in front of our hotel, The Warwick. Great location....right in the middle of everything!

Us in the bottom of the famous LOVE sculpture in Manhattan.

Scottie and I enjoying lunch in Little Italy

Tiffany, me and Leann holding our cotton candy. It was served after our sushi dinner in a very fancy restaurant. I loved the unexpected twist. Who would have thought cotton candy??

Me, Leann and Tiffany after Billy Elliott on Broadway. LOVED it!