Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Julia and I spent a lot of time in the car driving around town looking at the Christmas lights this Christmas season. She had her favorites and insisted that we visit those over and over again.
Here we are getting ready to head out on a Christmas light adventure. She carried this little bag around with her for a couple of weeks. It was a gift from Jee Jee and Paw Paw that she got for her birthday. It had a little brass clock in it. I have no idea why she insisted on taking it everywhere....even to bed with her???!!. She is a funny little goose.
Hanging out with friends....

Christmas eve, Jessica, Jonny and Chloe came over and the girls made sugar cookies for Santa.
The finished product

Leaving reindeer food even though she was not entirely sure about Santa coming inside our house. I didn't talk too much about it because Julia can get really spooked about certain things!

The highlight of our Christmas Eve and Christmas was Julia's discovery of the Nutcracker. John and I dvr'd it not really thinking that she would be all that interested in it. She sat mesmerized and then got in front of the tv and started doing her own ballet moves. We have probably watched it 10 times and have hours of video footage of her dancing. We laughed until our bellies hurt!

Julia would make us fast forward the Nutcracker through the beginning which is the fun kids and gift part. She wanted to go straight to the hard core ballet. Can't wait to get Nutcracker tickets next year! Just goes to show you that you can't predict what she is going to like. I have never pushed ballet or dance but she definitely decided that she was a little ballerina....all on her own.

Fingers and will we ever break this habit?????

Julia's first drink of hot chocolate. I gave her about a third of a cup full with some ice in it and she didn't come up for air. When I saw her face again, the cup was empty!

Santa's note

Santa did a great job picking out some toys for Julia. She has loved every single thing that he left. Except the book with 100 classic stories....too scary she says. I never thought about it, but The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, and all of those stories are a little scary!
Julia slept in until 9 and went straight to the cookies to see if Santa had eaten some! Then she saw the toys and was so excited and cute.

My parents and Sarah came over for a late breakfast and more Christmas celebration. It was by far the best Christmas yet! Cozy, quiet and pretty lazy. I guess we didn't know what we were missing before we had Julia, but that little girl makes everything so much fun for all of us!

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