Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am just wondering if this is normal....for a girl to need this many things in her nest? Her current favorites are Jelly (the tan Hello Kitty doll in the back), Slinky Dog, Bitty Baby, fabric teddy bear (the one she is laying on and she named it that because someone made if for her), brown teddy bear (with the blue nose) and always lots and lots of BOOKS!

The start of a gingerbread train project

The finished product!

Fun with icing!

Julia's Pre-Picasso art class at EACC has come to an end. We loved every minute of it and I think it was a one time opportunity. Miss Laura said that she was retiring to move to Nashville and find a "big girl job." She was so good to our kids and Julia loves getting creative. She asked me for several days after our last class if art class was today.

A group shot of the art class group minus Devin who wasn't into getting his picture made. You might notice a bunch of pink mouths in this picture because their last art project was decorating sugar cookies and they used LOTS of pink icing!

One of many art class project. This was a paper mache' pig that started with a balloon!

Julia and I went to the Arts Council Festival of Trees this year where lots of organizations and businesses around town decorate a tree. Julia made friends with this guy who sat under CherryFest's tree. We spent lots of time sitting next to this guy. I had to drag her away every time. I can never predict who or what Julia is going to like. I am not sure what this stuffed animal had going for it????

Here we are in front of CrossRidge's tree. These hugs (and me picking her up) are getting fewer and fewer!

John took this picture when I was at work one day. They were heading out to hike in the woods. John had her dressed in a snowsuit and Ugg boots. He said that before they finished the trail that she complained of being hot and he had to take her boots off of her and CARRY her the rest of the way!!! It was probably 50 degrees! He's a little over prepared sometimes!

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